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Due to the recent Report on WSVN Seven News, I had a flood of inquiries about smudging. I am so glad that this report had such a positive influence and I am grateful for the opportunity to allow me to share a little about the practice and how I work...

Smudging is an ancient practice used for dispelling negative energies, or cleansing of space and people. It is safe as long as you practice common sense and basic fire safety.

The philosophy behind this is based in ancient Celtic and Native American traditions. Using smoke to purify a space has been done for centuries by the native peoples of Europe, and the Americas. Virtually every culture has some kind of smoke ritual for purification.

The herbs that are burned have healing and purifying properties and the smoke carries your intent of purification to the gods or the universe.

It normally takes anywhere from an hour to 3 hours to cleanse a house. It is also a good idea to smudge the people residing within the house. Businesses can benefit from smudging as removing negative energies will make clients feel more comfortable in the space, inviting them to stay longer and feel at peace while there.

I recommend that retail establishments smudge their space at least once per month.

For those who have a sensitivity to smoke, or fear the lingering fragrance, I do have smoke free cleansing methods as well. Using crystals, light, sound or water I can purify a space just as easily as with smoke smudging.

I am also a Reiki Master so I use my Reiki in combination with the traditional smudging. For those of you who don't know, Reiki is a Tibetan based energy healing form that was introduced by Dr. Mikao Usui and brought to the western world by his student, Hawayo Takata of Hawaii. To learn more about Reiki, please visit my Reiki page.

When smudging I prefer to use my own herbs (those that I grow on my own are my favorite), I like to use sweet grass, juniper and allspice along with rosemary and sometimes sage.

I usually do a general cleansing of the entire space first, then return to the rooms that feel particularly heavy and spend a little more time there.

I charge an individual fee, depending on the location and size of your space. You can expect anything from $120 to $250 for each location.

When do you need a cleansing?
Cleansings are best performed on a regular basis, just as you would clean your house, an energetic cleaning can keep your space comfortable and clean.

Visitors bring energy with them, sometimes their won worries and troubles can way heavy on a space while sometimes, they bring negative energies that are not even their own and they tend to linger wherever we go. A cleansing would remove these energies and help keep the space light and cheerful.

I recommend cleansing before and after gatherings, before to allow your guest to feel that much more comfortable, and after to remove whatever they may have brought.

Cleansing after long trips or trips to crowded places such as vacations; concerts and parties can also be beneficial.

Cleansing office space before the arrival of important clients may be a good idea, just as regular cleansing to keep spirits and productivity up.

Retail establishments, hotels, and restaurants can obviously benefit from such practices as well as public venues such as parks, malls, stadiums or concert halls.

Anyplace where you would like to keep the energy more positive and visitors as well as residents more comfortable and in harmony, a little cleansing can never hurt!

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Please also visit WSVN 7 News for complete transcript of the story.

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