Reiki Training and Certification
Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki III & Accelerated  Reiki Workshops by Rev. Atena Komar, URM.
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Rev. Atena Komar
Rev. Atena Komar is an artist, spiritual development consultant and Reiki Practitioner. She is the creator of Miami's Tropical Fairy Festival and Sacred Sevens Selebration. She uses her knowledge and abilities as an active member of numerous South Florida organizations and groups that focus on healthy living, spiritual knowledge and personal growth. Living by the law of attraction and practicing in the fields of divination, manifestation, sympathetic (white) magick, Reiki and energy work, she has helped people create positive change in their life.
Universal Usui Reiki
Accelerated Reiki Workshop
Reiki Training & Certification

Workshops held in Coconut Grove
 A 50% Deposit and valid credit card on file is required with registration. Workshop total $875.00

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This is a one day accelerated Reiki workshop that includes all three levels of Reiki and your Reiki atunements.

You will be given homework assignments and practice will be required before you may feel really ready to use and teach Reiki, however this workshop does include Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki 3 Master level training, all the Reiki healing symbols and all the information you need to teach and practice Reiki for yourself and others.

Through Atema's Reiki Training and Certification workshops you will learn about the many ways you can use Reiki to improve your life on all levels, and how you can help others do so as well.

Recommend a friend and I will give you each $20 for attending the class! 

For every person you send to attend one of these classes I will give you $20 cash (regardless of weather or not you attend any of my classesss) and give your friend $20 off their class. It is my way of letting you know how much I appreciate it so be sure to tell everyone you sent them!

You will learn about these aspects of
The Universal Usui Reiki Healing System

Your Reki Certification Workshop includes the following topics:
  • History and Origins of Reiki
  • About Dr. Usui and his practice
  • What Reiki is and how Reiki works
  • Scientific Research of Reiki energy
  • Reiki for healing self and others
  • Reiki hand positions
  • Reiki for your animals
  • Reiki for your kids
  • Reiki for personal/spiritual growth
  • Reiki for mental clarity & balance
  • Reiki for cleansing/clearing
  • Reiki for protection
  • Reiki for global issues
  • Reiki to enhance your everyday life
  • Reiki to improve your business  & carreer
  • Reiki for love and relationships
  • Other uses of Reiki
  • Using Reiki with other healing methods
  • Reiki symbols and their uses
  • Sending Reiki through time or distance
  • What it means to be a Reiki Master
  • How to pass Reiki atunements
  • How to teach Reiki
  • Your personal Reiki lineage

  • Please E-mail for additional workshop Schedule or to plan a personal or family class.

    Accelerated Reiki Workshop Gift Cerificate
    Give the gift of the one day that can improve the rest of their lives...

    includes all three levels of Reiki 

     Workshop total $875.00 

    You will reveive a certificate that you can print last minute, or if ordered before december 19th, a certificate can be mailed to you. Gift wrap is optional.

    Your loved one can sehdule their wrokshop at their earliest convenience.

    Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) is a Japanese healing art that was synthesized into being by Mikao Usui in the late 1800's in Japan. Mikao Usui was an educator, who, in his intense desire to understand and work with methods of medicine and healing, discovered and developed Reiki during his stay at a Buddhist temple in Japan.

    "Reiki" is a Japanese word for the concept: "Universal Life Energy". Reiki's can be learned by anyone regardless of their personal philosophy and/or spiritual belief system. In Reiki, the healing energy is allowed to flow into us, and then we, act as a vehicle - through which this energy can be passed on to another individual (or ourselves). Reiki is easily incorporated in all modes of healing and spiritual paths.

    Though extremely powerful and in many ways complicated, Reiki is incredibly simple and takes little practice to master. Anyone can learn it to benefit their life and the life of their friends, family, and others. A Reiki treatment restores balance and harmony to the whole person, bringing about a sense of wellness.

    In Atena’s Class, you can Experience Reiki for yourself, learn to send and receive Reiki energy, & learn to pass attunement onto others in a comfortable, personal setting. "I keep my classes small to give you the personal attention you need to learn easily, and in a comfortable setting." Reiki is taught in 3 levels, I cover each level in a separate workshop or all three levels in my Accelerated Reiki class. There is no obligation to move to a higher level within a particular time, or ever. You advance at a pace that is comfortable to you.

    Reiki Certification Workshop Details:
    The class usually takes all day as there is a lot of information to process. We usually take a break at midpoint to eat and get away for 15 minutes or so.

    The first part of the class it is mostly technical information. We learn about what exactly Reiki is, how it is different from other healing methods, and we learn the basic hand positions as well as working with the chakra system.

    The second part of the class we cover whatever part of the manual we did not earlier and you receive your attunement. After the attunement (which includes a long meditation) we take a break. You need to eat and drink while your body takes a moment to adjust. Of course your body will need a lot more time than that to fully adjust, usually about 21 * days or longer. However, the first few minutes after attunement are usually when the most sensitive people feel the change in their body's vibration most significantly. Many do not feel anything, and that is perfectly okay as well.

    After the break we practice feeling the energies, healing ourselves and each other. In Reiki 2 we practice healing with the symbols. In Reiki 3 we practice passing attunement. 

    The cost of Reiki is as follows:

    First Degree of Reiki is $280.00 per person
    Second Degree of Reiki is $380 per person.
    Reiki Master Degree is $465 per person.
    Accelerated ReikiTraining (all 3 levels) is $875 per person.

    Accelerated Reiki Training

    First Degree of Reiki

    Second Degree of Reiki

    Must have Reiki 1 certification.

    Reiki Master Degree

    Must have Reiki 1 and 2 certification.


    Credit Cards accepted and financial arrangements may be made in advance if required, please call me at 305-297-5516 to make arrangements.

    All the Reiki classes includes your manual, your atunements, your certification diploma and I do provide refreshments.

    The class is usually held at my home, in Coconut Grove (Miami, FL) or at a similar private space.

    If you do not see a class on the schedule at this time, please call or e-mail me to add yourself to the waiting list and I will work one in to the schedule as soon as I have a timeslot open. One one one classes are available.

    Private group or one on one classes are also available.

    I teach, and practice the Usui Method of Universal Reiki. This discipline works well with all other traditional, alternative and modern healing, massage and holistic practices. It does not interfere with any physical, mental, or other spiritual practices.

    Just to be clear; Reiki does NOT include any rituals, touching, disrobing or anything else that would make most people uncomfortable. 

    Reiki is not a religious practice, it is an energy work practice that requires little or no touching in most cases. 

    It can be learned by children and adults of all backgrounds and religions.

    Reiki will NOT interfere with any other traditional, alternative and modern healing, massage and holistic practices. It does not interfere with any physical, mental, or other spiritual practices.

    Reiki CAN help you learn to heal yourself, your children, your friends, your pets, & others. It can also help you balance many other areas in your life.

    Please E-mail or call 305-297-5516 to Schedule your Private or Group Workshop Today

    Your workshop registration deposit covers reiki workshop preparation expenses. Your deposit is not refundable. In the event of cancellation your deposit may be transferred to a new class scheduled within one week of original workshop. After 7 calendar days your deposit is not transferable and a new deposit will be required to attend a future class.

    For class information or to register, call or e-mail Atena 305-297-5516
    If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for classes that are not yet scheduled, please let me know and I will contact you when this class becomes available (no obligation to attend).


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