If you had the opportunity to make your life easier and achieve your dreams faster, would you do it?

Psychic Readings to help you on your path to a more joyful, prosperous and fulfilled life offered by Rev. Atena Komar.

You are invited to ask for guidance with specific issues in areas of romance, relationships, career, work, learning and studying, general life path or anything else you are wondering about.

“I do not practice scare tactics and will not tell you all the ways that you are cursed and how you should buy more services from me to “fix” your life. I offer real, positive insight in to the issues that are affecting your life now.”

– Atena Komar          
Not your Grandmothers Tarot Reading!
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$ 50.00 
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Please note that I will not be available for readings on
Friday November 14th
Friday November 28th
Friday December 26th

What Atena's Clients say...

Thank you so much for the reading. I had no idea it would be so in depth. You were right about so many details and following your guidance my husband and I are now communicating much better. We still have a long way to go and I am so glad that you are a there to help keep our focus.

Victoria, Arizona
You gave me something to reflexionate about that day - since that day up to now I still brainstorming on it.. ...about past events and self forgiveness...  ...you are wonderful!

Lillie, Kendal, FL

Thank you so much for your help with my kitty. When I got home yesterday he was indeed bright eyed and bushy tailed waiting for me right behind the door! The first one, in fact, to come and greet me. He later demonstrated his prowess by leaping over two of the other cats and then bouncing to the back of the love seat...  Blessed Be!
Ana, Miami, Florida
Hi Atena, I wanted to say thank you for all your help. Your guidance means so much to me and you take such great care and devote so much time to me whenever I need you. Your fairy ways are wise and I trust your guidance. You have helped me bring so much joy back in to my life. I am so grateful for your presence in my life.

Nancy, Michigan

Hi Atena,

I wanted to let you know that just as you said, I did get the new job! Thank you so much for the advice you gave me,.

You gave be confidence and that is what got me the job more than anything else.

Amy, Coconut Grove

Thank you for preparing me for what was to come. Thanks to you I was able to do what was needed and my divorce went smoothly. I was also able to help the kids through this difficult time.

We are all still healing but I am now working on starting my new life. I will be calling you soon again for sure.

Lyssette,  New Mexico

Mys husband was so impressed and motivated by his reading I had to write you say thank you.

I have not seen him so enthusiastic since the accident, I think you helped him get well much faster and inspired him to make the extra effort. He is not playing tennis with the kids again and loving it.

Tanya, Florida

Your reading blew my mind. It was so much more then I expected. I went in to this a little afraid and worried but you helped me relax and I am so grateful for your advice.

 I sold my house this weekend and I am so glad I listened to you, if I were out of time i would have missed this opportunity.

Jonie,  Vermont

Receive insights about your future.

This is not a Tarot Reading, this is so much better!

Unlike most psychics  who try to impress you with a lot of information about your personality and your past, Atena doesn't waste your time with information you already know.

Instead, she offers real insight and helpful advice - this is a unique, deeply personal experience with a lighthearted approach. You can seek insight and gain clarity in any subject or issue.

Atena uses her psychic connection to her spirit guides and to nature through the fairies to help you find a way to betterment in your life. Her insight is a direct intuitive guidance  to a happier, more fulfilled and prosperous life experience.

No matter how terrible or how wonderfully our life is at this moment, Atena's reading is an empowering way to a a more complete and abundant life.

When you call, you will first start with a general life path reading, letting you know where the energies are now, and where you are heading. Allowing for understanding of your current life challenges and the lessons you are meant to be learning from them.

Then Atena will offer advice on where you should focus or shift to easier achieve your goals and move through the life lessons with joy and ease.

Her guidance then can get more specific as you are invited to ask questions about anything that came up during the life path reading or any other specific issues your life.

Atena can help you gain clarity and focus in virtually all areas of your life, be it love and relationship, money career path or family and health issues, her readings are always helping you find an easier path to happiness.

Atena can help guide you to a happier life in a friendly, nonthreatening and comfortable way.

If you want to start your path to betterment right now, order online:

Individual Reading
(via phone or e-mail)
$ 50.00 

...or call Atena right now at 305-297-5516 to order via phone.

Atena does not charge by the minute, her flat rate covers whatever you need during your in depth reading which should take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes.

Atena guarantees her readings through this website. Unlike any other psychic, if you are not happy with your reading, just say so and you will not have to pay a single dime.

There really is no reason you should not take advantage of this opportunity to better your life.
You have so much to gain and nothing to lose. Call or order now.

If you are in the Miami Area, you can visit Atena in person at the following events...

at Celestial Treasures in Coconut Grove every Friday 1pm - 10pm
(With a dinner break 5:30 to 7pm)

Appointments Available or just stop by...

Friday, 3444 Main Highway, Coconut Grove, FL

Get a head start on the new month at Coral Castle Psychic Fair


Every first Saturday of the month in Homestead FL.

Coral Castle Psychic Fair - First Saturday of every Month
28655 South Dixie Highway, Homestead, FL 33033 

(Corner of US1 and 157th eve.) (305) 248-6345 
Coral Castle Psychic Fair 11am - 5pm

If you want to start your path to betterment right now, order online:

Individual Reading
(via phone or e-mail)
$ 50.00 

...or call Atena right now at 305-297-5516 to order via phone.

Other Reading Services Available:
Individual Reading
(via phone, e-mail or by appointment)
$ 50.00 

NEW Special Online only offer: 
1 question insight via e-mail
$ 10.00 

Couple's Reading (any 2 people at the same time)
(via phone, e-mail or by appointment)
$ 75.00 

(Party organizers must feed the psychic) 
$ 320.00 /evening or day (4-6hrs)
Unlimited readings during the party.

Mini Parties: $ 130.00 /hr (1-3hrs)
Unlimited readings during visit.
Friday Evening Parties must be scheduled at least 7 days in advance.

For entertainment purposes only
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