A little about my home town of Coconut Grove, FL...
...As I see it.

Coconut Grove is where I currently live and work when I am not attending events.
It is a town bustling with natures scenery of paradise... and fairies!

Even though it often seems like a big city
the people are so friendly and the abundance of  nature makes it feel more like a community of friends.

Charming architecture are part of my everyday life. Above is the Courtyard in front of 32 paths where I offer my fairy readings every week.

The Mayfair is host to many shops and businesses as well as a significant part of the nightlife that is such a large part of free flowing joy in our community.

Jill, the creator of the 32 Paths Bookstore

The trees and unique architectural accents that line Main street, and the school.

Art & Fountains are staples of the Grove.

Signs of the Groves unique past decorate the historic streets as nighttime hotspots become daytime sweetspots.

My kitty Minou eloquently demonstrates the attitude and mood of Coconut Grove.

A laid back slice of paradise in the center of the city of Miami helps visitors and residents alike stay at peace and in balance...

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