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One of the best things about what I do for a living is that it allows me to envision and create wonderful pieces of art that always seem to be exactly in tune with what the client wanted. Even if you are not sure of what you want exactly, I will help you figure it out and match your budget too!

I would love the opportunity to create something individual for you, please E-mail or call me and let's talk.

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Mermaid Goddess Tiara Style Head Piece.

This head piece was created using genuine sapphire gemstones, with Swarowsky crystals, pearlescent opal and other gems. The metal ornaments are mostly sterling silver and pewter with tiny aluminum roses to match.

The Mulberry Fairy Diary
This spring fairy flies from bush to bush spreading her magic fairy dust on all the mulberries, giving the beautiful leaves their luster and the fruit their magical and healing powers.

The Mulberry Fairy Diery was created as a Book of Shadows cover using color pencils, fairy dust and gemstones. The fairy is dressed in a shimmering fairy dust dress.

Her wings are three dimensional and also shimmer with fairy dust. She carries a magic fairy wand and a handful of real gemstones with which she does her work with nature.

DETAIL: Handful of Gemstones

Embroiled Rune Pouch With Matching Rune Cloth

This set is created using deep purple velvet with a soft red trim. The symbol of the gemini butterfly is embroidered in gold thread. The pouch and cloth are lined with purple satin.

Aquamarine Pentacle Headpiece

This headpiece was created using 3 different types of genuine aquamarine beads and an aquamarine swarowsky crystal. It ties in the back with a matching color ribbon which is hidden throughout the length of the twisted chip beads for extra strength.

I can create almost any craft, jewelry or tool that you may need. From wands to boxes, from ritual robes to headpieces, necklaces and custom art. For a special gift, I can combine several items and gift wrap or create a gift basked, specially designed for that special person. Please E-mail or call me with your needs. I can ship worldwide.

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