Gift Baskets By Atena

Looking for a unique gift?

Why not have a basket custom tailored to your specific desires.

I will work with you, and we start with a general theme and then add the appropriate items to fit your needs.

If you don't have ideas... just give me a call and tell me a little about the person and I will have several ideas to fit your desires.

To order or for more information please e-mail  or call Atena at 305-297-5516.

I can plan around a subject or theme such as Wicca, healing, fairies, mermaids, wizards, cats, puppies or unicorns... or I can plan around a purpose such as healing, prosperity, self confidence, joy, fertility or any other wish your gift receiver may have.

Kyanite Healing Wand custom made for the person receiving this basket.

I will make sure that at least one item in your basket is custom made just for the special person who receives it.

All items picked for specific desires for a uniquely special, personal gift.

All baskets may include items such as Guided Meditation CD's, one of kind art or sculptures, jewelry, magickal tools, decorations, fairy candles, mystical oil blends, wands, amulets, bind runes, pendulums, spells and spell kits, manuals and a personalized gift card with instructions for each item.

Each one personalized for the individual needs and wishes of the receiver and gift giver.

I then wrap the basket in clear wrap, and decorate with ribbons, tinsel and tissue in the receivers favorite colors.

To order or for more information please e-mail  or call Atena at 305-297-5516.

Baskets may be picked up, delivered or shipped to their destination.
Each basket is special and prices vary based on needs and the items that go in to each personalized basket. You can expect to spend $45 to $180, with more elaborate designs costing more while simpler desires cost less. I can also work around your budget to give the best possible and have something to spend on flowers and wine later.

To order or for more information please e-mail  or call Atena at 305-297-5516.

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Manifesting Your Soulmate Relationship For Couples & Singles
A practical & Metaphysical approach to finding and keeping your perfect relationship.

My Annual Soul Mate Workshop where we learn ways of finding and keeping our relationships as we wish them to be. We will also do a meditation and a love ceremony for valentines day.

Didn't make the class?
Order the Soul mate Home Study Kit! 
For only $48.00 this kit includes the complete Manifesting your Soul mate Relationship workbook for singles and couples (the same one we use in the workshop).

Rose Quartz Crystal, fairy candle, patchouli rose incense, pink & lavender paper, red and purple pens. My Forgiveness and Karmic Release meditation CD.

Plus it includes a bonus Fairy Spell for Removing Obstacles and Healing Existing Relationships.

All beautifully packaged and decorated with hearts.

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