About Atena Komar

I am an artist, spiritual consultant, Rising Star Practitioner and Reiki Master. My work is mostly focused on creating inspired arts and services.

My studies have allowed me to explore many spiritual paths, I have learned about Buddhism, Christianity, Kabalah, Pagan beliefs including Native American Spirituality, Wicca and New Age Beliefs. I also learned a little about Santeria, Voodoo and other lesser known (in my region) paths as well as ancient religions such as the one practiced by the ancient Greeks, Romans, Mayas, Incas, Aztecs and Egyptians.

I have also studied law of attraction, quantam phisics and learned from wonderful people both popular and little known.

I work a lot with crystals, and have an abuntant collection of our planet's divine treasures that I often use in my healing work.

I am always creating. When people ask me what I do I tell them I create.

As I create I grow and this site evolves as I evolve, so expect new things here all the time as I am always re-inventing myself, experimenting with new mediums in my art and finding new ways to grow spiritually, artistically and personally.

My work here has awarded me many great opportunities including apparences on local news shows, meeting some exceptional people, participating in many exciting art projects and winning the Miami New Times Best of Miami Award.

I have worked with individuals whom grew to be my friends and with companies such as the smithsonian institute. I enjoy all equally and I hope to work with even more new people every day.

I am one of the Founding Members of The League of Paranormal Investigators which is quickly becoming one of the owrlds leading paranormal reaserch organizations.

To get in touch with me all you need to do is call me at 305-297-5516 or E-mail me with your questions, comments or suggestions.

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miaminewtimes.com Calendar
Selected Calendar Events for the Week of September 15, 2005 
By Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik and Lyssa Oberkreser

Published: Thursday, September 15, 2005

MON 19 

"Everyone is psychic," says Rev. Atena Komar, a spiritual development consultant and Reiki practitioner. "It's just a matter of finding that ability within you." We've all had those feelings, "when you know something without knowing that you know it," Komar adds, and during her Developing Your Psychic Abilities Workshop, she will lead you through interactive exercises to help you tune into those feelings. One exercise involves using psychometry, the ability to divine information about people by holding objects that belong to them. "You are picking up on their energy," says Komar. So, is what they say about women's intuition true? "Women do have more intuition, because they are more in touch and open with their feelings," says Komar. "But in certain areas, men are better psychics." (Then why don't they know we want dark chocolate and tulips?) Komar is expecting to see you tonight from 7:30 to 9:00 at 32 Paths, 3444 Main Hwy., #17, Coconut Grove. Admission is $20, and refreshments will be served. Call 305-461-2341, or visit http://www.32paths.com/. (LO) 

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